Animal feed products


Having at our disposal some of the best nutritionists in the world, understanding the feed requirements of specific species and putting our heads together with experts on the nutritional requirements of racing pigeons, it was decided to launch 3 types of pigeon feed.



Natural protective benefits


PNP Pigeon Pellets supports health and in today's sever competition, this is of utmost importance. The formulations are based on a philosohpy of replacing a normal grain mixture with a complete balanced diet with specific natural ingredients and properites to reinforce the natural defence system of pigeons in order to boost their natural ability to fight stress and disease. The ingredients specifically aid body protection functions, thereby offering a health benefit over and above providing simple nutrition or basic fortification. 




These refer to a group of natural sugars that are resistant to digestion by the pigeon but can exclusively be utilised by specific health promoting bacteria in its intestines.


Mycotoxin binder


These act in a "magnet" like way in the intestine of the pigeon absorbing deleterious substances such as mould an fungi borne toxins like "aflatoxins". These bad toxins aften enter the intestines via poor quality and kept grain mixes and suppress immunity causing disease conditions. The binder "binds" these toxins and they are eliminated via the faeces of the pigeon.


Organic acids


These acids are used to improve the size of vili in the gatro intestinal tract of the pigeon as well as reducing salmonella and e-coli bacteria.





Good manufacturing process


PNP Pellets are manufactured by the process of extrusion that results in a sterile, cooked product with GREATER DIGESTIBILITY. This unique process fuses proteins, vitamins and minerals (all ingredients) into a totally homogenous product.


This IMPROVES NUTRIENT UPTAKE in the digestive tract. The cooking of the carbohydrate component causes the starch granules to swell, rupture and gelatinise so that after cooling, the pellets have improved digestibility. The pigeon therefore has no loss of energy when digesting these pellets.



Some of the benefits include:


  • Easy way to use

  • Vitamines and minerals are taken daily with the feed - no waste

  • No need to add water soluble vitamines to the drinking water

  • Easily digestible

  • Improved nutrient up take

  • Combats Salmonella and E-COli bacteria

  • Correct Ca: P ratio

  • Correct omega fatty acid ratios


It is believed that most fanciers struggle with the combination of feeds and how to feed their pigeons. In fact, it has been said that "He who masters the art of feeding, masters the art of racing".

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