Catfish feeds

Catfish Image.jpg

Our floating catfish feeds are optimally formulated to provide your fish with the ideal nutrients required for their different growth stages. Contact our technical support team to advise you on the best choice of catfish pellet feed to suit your specific production system whether it be aquaponics, intensive grow-out or recreational home production.

Catfish starter feeds

Starter feeds are offered in the following size categories with a protein content of 40%:


#0 (< 0.5mm);

#1 (0.5mm < 1mm);

#2 (1mm < 1.5mm);

#3 (1.5mm < 2mm). 

Catfish grow out feeds

The grow out feeds re offered in the following pellet categories:

2-3mm premium (36% protein)

4mm (32% protein)

6mm (32% protein)

10mm (32% protein) 

12mm (33% protein Brood stock feed)