Vision statement

Visionaries in Specialised Feed Manufacturing, Contributing to Sustainable Aquaculture Globally.

The difference


We are a proudly South African, specialised formulated aquatic feed manufacturer, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best possible diet for their specific feeding requirements. We have a very strong team with vast experience in aquaculture and nutritional science. This provides a platform in which we not only contribute with regards to producing high quality formulated abalone, trout and tilapia feeds but we are  also able advise on husbandry practices to maximise the performance of our feeds.

Various formulations to support your aquatic species' life cycle
Customise your feed
Extensive advice offered in aquaculture and nutritional science
State of the art feed processing plant, allowing us to be versatile and to provide the best quality product
Continuous tracking of engineering, technical and farming practices within the aquaculture industry
Ongoing research and development, allowing for continuous improvements and versatility






- always delivering on our promises

- consistently providing a product of the highest standard

- continual research and development of feeds

- respecting our customers, competitors and each other

- being held accountable for what is required of us

Our values