The legacy

Abalone farming is a capital intensive operation which characteristically embodies very high running costs. One of the main contributing factors to these high running costs is the cost of formulated abalone feeds. In 2010 Abagold Limited started to investigate producing their own formulated diets in the hope that they could become completely independent and reduce running costs accordingly. 


By the end of 2012 they no longer purchased formulated abalone feed from outside of the company and had specialised their diets to suit their specific farming requirements. This was a great achievement for their feed department, which grew significantly over a very short space of time.

In 2014 the feed department became a separate high performing organisation which specialised in aquatic feeds. This business was separated from Abagold Limited to ensure that it is solely focused on the development and manufacturing of formulated feeds for the aquaculture industry.

The feed department is no longer run as a department of Abagold Limited and operates as a separate legal entity called Specialised Aquatic feeds ("SAF"). This newly formed company identified that there was a gap in the market for formulated aquatic feeds – not only within the abalone market but across the aquaculture spectrum including trout and tilapia as well as numerous other species. Specialised Aquatic Feeds has since been experimenting with and producing various fresh water and saline fish diets.

In order to achieve our vision we required a state of the art processing plant. The plans for this plant have been on the cards from early 2013 and have finally come into fruition. The new plant has been up and running since October 2015.


Specialised Aquatic Feeds POPI act policy is available HERE.

Specialised Aquatic Feeds POPI procedures manual available HERE.​