High Quality Koi Feed produced locally - OptiGoi Premium Koi Feed

Specialised Aquatic Feeds produces a range of High Quality Koi feeds to suit all Koi growing conditions. We produce a small (2mm), medium (4mm) and large (7mm) pellet that floats and is highly water stable. Contact us today to try our range! 

OptiGoi Colour

The OptiGoi Colour koi feed is designed to accentuate clearly defined rich and vibrant colours show off the beauty of the koi keeper’s fish. This diet is optimised to balance health, growth and clearly defined colours for your koi.

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OptiGoi Growth

The OptiGoi Growth feed is a higher protein diet  formulated for optimal growth without compromising health or water quality.

OptiGoi Health

The OptiGoi health diet provides an immune system boost for fish under stress or that will go into a stressful environment such as handling or transport as well as seasonal fluctuations in water temperature (autumn to winter or winter to spring).

OptiGoi Staple

The OptiGoi Staple diet is a standard koi diet optimally formulated for maintaining the health and growth of fish under normal growing conditions. This is well suited to feeding normal garden pond koi without compromising water quality.

OptiGoi Wheatgerm

Our Wheat Germ koi diet is classically used in the winter months when the fish’s metabolism slows down and feeding is less frequent. It provides optimal nutrients over this time without putting undue metabolic stress on the fish.

Please note that our products may contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).