Tilapia feeds

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We have developed a range of optimally balanced tilapia feeds suited for various commercial tilapia growing systems from intensive recirculation systems to extensive open ponds. Our technical team can advise on the optimal protein content for your specific requirements. Feel free to contact us directly for additional information.

Tilapia starter feeds

Starter feeds are offered in the following size categories with a 40% protein content:


#0 (< 0.5mm);

#1 (0.5mm < 1mm);

#2 (1mm < 1.5mm);

#3 (1.5mm < 2mm). 

Tilapia grow out feeds

The grow out feeds re offered in the following pellet size categories:

2-3mm (35% protein)

4mm (25% or 30% protein)

6mm (25% or 30% protein) 

8mm (25% or 30% protein)

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formulated feed for tilapia and catfish