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Specialised Aquatic Feeds begun manufacturing feeds for the local trout market in October 2015. The team at SAF has progressed significantly in this area and has developed high quality feeds providing excellent growth and feed conversion ratios. We not only manufacture the feed but also pride ourselves in the technical assistance and advice we provide on feeding management required to achieve optimal growth and conversion ratios.

Our trout feeds are offered in two categories:

Trout starter feeds

Formulated for the early development stages of trout. Fry from 0.5 g – 12 g require a diet high in digestible proteins and vitamin levels to provide them with the best possible foundation.


The starter feeds are offered in the following size categories:

#0 (< 0.5mm);

#1 (0.5mm < 1mm);

#2 (1mm < 1.5mm);

#3 (1.5mm < 2mm) 

Trout Feed
Trout grower feeds

As trout develop from fry to fingerling to grow out stages their nutritional and energy requirements change significantly. We have developed a range of grow out feeds that align with these requirements.


The grow out feeds are offered in the following size categories: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm,6mm ,8mm ,10 mm.

Trout Feed
Trout Feeds